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Why buy YouTube views – social proof and perception

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YouTube gives all its users a chance to monetize their channels and make a lot of money through Google Adsense. When you create a Google Adsense account, you become a partner of Google and you get the privilege of playing ads on your YouTube channel. Google views you as a partner at this point and this can be very important for you as a YouTuber. However, this great advantage of becoming a partner of Google also comes with a huge disadvantage in that you cannot buy subscribers, likes, or views. Google completely prohibits its partners from buying any of these services and doing so can result in serious repercussions.

If YouTube catches you engaging in the purchase or sell of views while you are also its partner, they reserve the right to terminate your channel with immediate effect. When this happens, you lose all the money you may have made in your account previously. You termination may be permanent, which means that you can never create a channel on YouTube under the same name or personal details again. As such, you may want to think twice again before you buy YouTube views if you are also using Google Adsense.

Likes and views should be proportional

One thing about buying YouTube views is that it puts you on toes. The moment you buy views, YouTube and your subscribers start to have certain expectations of you. People generally don’t like people who buy views or likes on YouTube to appear like they are popular on YouTube when in fact they are not. You will lose subscribers and credibility the moment people find out that the views and likes you have on YouTube are not real. I know you are probably wondering how people can find out that you bought views. Well, here is one way they can find out. They simply have to look at your views and likes to see if they tally. In a normal situation, you cannot have 10, 000 views and only 200 likes to accompany them. Anyone can know for sure that these numbers are not real. Thus, if you have to buy views, then buy the likes to accompany them. You will have to learn how to buy YouTube views and likes to do it effectively.

Why buy YouTube views – social proof and perception

The main reason why people use YouTube channel is to obtain social proof. Apparently, you need people to tell you if your content is good or bad. The feedback you get from viewers of your content matters and plays a huge part in how high your content rates on the platform. There is a sense of validation that people get from knowing that 10, 000 other people agree with whatever content they post on YouTube. When you have more views, other people who haven’t seen your content before tend to automatically approve of it just because others have. Views also influence perception and you will get more of them if you already have some in the first place.

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