Due to lockdown, all the things are moved to online platforms and annual meetings. The annual meetings are done face to face, and it’s a tradition, but as of now, it takes a turn to a virtual platform. The best example is Virtual AGM Singapore, as most of the services are online only. In the following article, you will know about the annual general meeting and some of its key takeaways. Read the article further so that you don’t confuse about the AGM in the future.

About the AGM

The AGM refers to the annual general meeting; the annual meeting is organized yearly for the company shareholders. In this annual general meeting, the company presents the annual report of their performance and strategy to the shareholders with the directors of the company’s directors. There are some key takeaways in the annual general meeting you need to look at are as follows.

  • In the annual general meeting, the shareholders can ask questions about the company’s directors at a particular set of time.
  • The shareholders who are activists can take this as an opportunity to express concerns towards the company.
  • A proxy can be made for those shareholders who are not present in the meeting in person, and the proxy is made online or by mail.

How to do a successful virtual meeting online?

The first thing for making a successful virtual meeting online is to ensure that the technology is up to date. The platforms should be fully secured as well as auditable. The platform should perform a function like Q&A and voting.

You need to understand that virtual meetings are becoming popular these days, and various platforms are becoming available for them. So, if you are not on the virtual platform, please hurry up to join it.

Baird Braden