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More Independently Held Companies Impacted by Worldwide Reporting Needs

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Because of growing globalization of companies within the U.S. and around the world, more independently held U.S. companies are expanding worldwide. In an announcement dated 9/13/2011, PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP reported that “most (51%) of U.S.private companies surveyed for PwC US’ Private Company Trendsetter Barometer expect to do business abroad within the next one or two years, and 48% curently have an worldwide presence.” As companies doing business abroad aim to register or form subsidiaries far away, they ought to factor ongoing corporate compliance needs to their decisions. Once outdoors the U.S., a business frequently must provide a lot more information on annual reports filed with the organization registrar than is needed within the U.S., producing a much more information becoming area of the criminal record. This is also true for businesses that aren’t openly traded and also have no SEC reporting needs. Making certain a good knowledge of the annual compliance needs is really a necessary initial step when choosing to form a business or register it to complete business outdoors the U.S.

Countries with Minimal Annual Report Needs

There are several countries where annual compliance is basically dependent on having to pay a yearly fee. In countries such as the British Virgin Islands and also the Bahamas, as the registered agent must maintain information around the shareholders, people, officials and company directors of the organization, there aren’t any financial reporting needs and, typically, this information isn’t criminal record. (Within the Bahamas, a “register of company directors” does get filed using the Registrar General.)

Canada: Annual Report Needs Like the U.S.

Other jurisdictions, for example Canada, require same fundamental information out of the box needed in lots of U.S. States – changes designed to the officials and company directors, address, company location, etc. In certain provinces, for example Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Quebec, shareholder information should also be reported and becomes criminal record. If your clients are thinking about developing a Canadian subsidiary, instead of registering being an extra-provincial, i.e. foreign entity, it ought to bear in mind that in lots of provinces, the organization books and records, for example share register, board minutes, resolutions and financial statements, as well as other documents, should be stored at its “records office,” which should be found in the province.

U.S. Territories: Annual Report Needs Frequently Tighter

Although one might expect there to become more resemblance of U.S. needs, reporting needs are frequently tighter within the U.S.territories. Guam may be the exception for this rule, requiring fundamental information, although like Canada, addresses and names from the shareholders should be provided. Within the U.S. Virgin Islands, the annual report should be supported with a balance sheet and profit and loss statement made by a completely independent accountant. Puerto Rico is easily the most stringent from the three companies whose amount of business has ended three million dollars must give a report audited with a Puerto Rican CPA. Companies whose volume is under three million dollars, must still give a balance sheet, however it needs only to be ready in compliance with GAAP (Generally Recognized Accounting Concepts) by you aren’t general accounting understanding. This latter requirement has really been revised this season to become more flexible than was formerly needed. Earlier, corporations whose volume was under three million dollars needed to supply a balance sheet by having an opinion letter drafted with a Puerto Rican CPA attached.

Annual Financial Statements Needed within the Eu and Elsewhere

There’s also a lot of jurisdictions where financial statements should be filed yearly using the registrar and end up part of the general public record for the organization. Most countries within the Eu, such as the U.K., Ireland, France, holland, along with other popular jurisdictions like Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, require financial statements to become filed yearly. These end up part of the general public record for the organization and therefore are frequently available online.

For any small or mid-size independently held company, these financial reporting needs could be burdensomely costly (particularly when audited accounts are needed) and cumbersome. If developing a subsidiary entity, you should evaluate whether parent companies be needed to file for group accounts within the jurisdiction. U.S. companies also need to bother about the variations in recognized accounting concepts. Even though some countries, such as the U.K., allow financial reports to be ready in compliance with local accounting standards, others require using Worldwide Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). While openly held companies may be familiar with and already intending to vary from GAAP to IFRS awaiting the approaching decision from the SEC, that’s less inclined to be true for any independently held company.

Corporate Annual Reports: A Small Sector of Overall Compliance

Obviously, annual reporting needs are simply one a part of compliance whenever you form or register a business to complete business outdoors from the U.S. Tax obligations, hiring needs, business licensing and lots of additional factors should be considered and planned for. Whenever a company decides that it’s about time to grow outdoors from the U.S., it ought to ensure it’s competent a lawyer, who’s well experienced in most legal, tax along with other compliance and maintenance obligations of the company registered or created within the target jurisdiction.

Though you have very good control on how to make the financial statements, getting an audit done by the experts on all of your private company financial statements would be an added value when you present them in the meetings held worldwide.

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