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Importance of a Good Web Design

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Nowadays, most businesses know that it is important to have a good website design. After all, your brand’s online presence could make or break your business. For small businesses, if you face cost challenges or technical skills especially, investing in a well-designed, experienced, and professional website can seem daunting.

However, a study and evidence repeatedly point out the fact that a good website design from a reputable agency like 23 Digital is important. As your web design Melbourne, impacts your customer experience, lead generation, and your bottom line, ultimately.

Why your website design matters

Like other things in your business, even your website design is important and must be attractive as your customers care about it. Whether consciously or not, you all react to any visuals, and naturally, people get drawn to a good design. If it even comes to your web design, according to a study, most users judge quickly your business based on visuals exclusively, and would often stop using your website if it is poorly designed.

Here are a few noteworthy facts, about why a website design is important:

  • 75% of users make judgments on the basis of visual design

Say, for instance, if you come across a poorly crafted and outdated web design, what exactly makes you think about that particular company? You might doubt their legitimacy, simply question their services and products, or start exploring your competitor’s website for a satisfying answer. Regardless, as per the research, users judge businesses on the basis of how their websites look.

  • Takes just 50 milliseconds to hold the first impression of your web design

If you speak about the first impression, users generally form them instantly. As per the study, it just takes 50 milliseconds. And yes, that first impression depends on how it appears visually.

  • Sets impression for customer service

Most people can judge how you will treat them by just looking at your website. Your web design provides them insight as to how you look at your audience as well. When you fail to put extra effort into your web design, your audience would know that you will also not put enough effort into helping them in the future too.

Your website design is similar to a customer service representative. If your website looks modern, inviting, and bright, your audience would feel attracted to new people who will visit your website.

On the other hand, an unappealing and outdated site makes your business appear aloof and cold. People often do not have time for checking out a business that does not value them, for making a good first impression.

All designs make use of standard elements like shape, size, and color. A good-looking design applies such elements for creating a consistent visual design.

Contact 23 Digital, if you need the best and the most innovative web design Melbourne. The experts and web designers working at 23 Digital strongly believe that a good design is crucial and you should make it look attractive. They, therefore, ensure that all elements work together seamlessly.

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