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Do you require a Windows 10 Pro upgrade?

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Windows 10 pro upgrade is able to offer more features as compared to the Windows Home, but the upgrade has an extra price tag that you should be ready to foot. You need to know if it is worth all the hassle before embracing it fully.

While Windows 10 is known to offer various editions for certain use cases, if you are a home user you only have two main choices that you need to worry about: the Windows 10 pro and the Windows 10 Home. It might lead you to wondering which between the two is the best for you: Windows Home or Windows 10 Pro. The following are things which you will be able to get if you did an upgrade:

Windows Pro upgrade vs Windows Home

Before going into specifics, the following is a quick summary of the difference that exists between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 home:

  • Windows 10 Home is known to provide a functionality of Windows 10 which is standalone which can be enjoyed by an average user. It includes the logins for Windows hello, the antivirus for Windows defender, touch and pen support, Cortana. The Microsoft store and much more
  • Windows 10 Pro has everything that is offered by Windows 10 Home and thus, you are not going to miss out on anything by having to use the Windows Pro edition
  • With Windows 10 pro, it adds a variety of features that include Bitlocker for encryption of the device, Hyper-V for the virtual machine, remote access via the remote desktop. And the suite of features that are intended for use by businesses.

From there, you need to know how each version of Windows 10 works so that you choose which one you think is going to work best for you:

Basics of the Windows 10 edition

If you have just upgraded from Windows 8 or 7 to Windows 10, your Windows 10 edition match with the previous version. If for example you have Windows 7 Home premium, you can upgrade to Windows 10 Home while the windows 8.1 pro can be upgraded to the Windows 10 Pro.

If you bought your PC with the Windows 10, then most likely it has the Home edition. There are some systems which are high end that are sold with the Windows 10 pro but it is not something that is quite common.

You can check easily which edition of Windows 10 you are using by going to the System then About, after opening the settings app. At the page’s bottom, under the windows specifications, you are going to see the edition line.

The difference between the Windows 10 Pro and the Windows 10 Home

Is it okay to settle for the Windows 10 Home or should you go ahead and pay extra for the Windows 10 Pro? You will need to analyze both of them and based on what you want to use it for, you will choose accordingly. For basics, go for the Windows 10 home, for professional and more advanced use, go for the Windows 10 Pro.

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