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3 Things To Do If You Feel Like You’re Being Harassed Online

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No one deserves to be harassed at any point in their life. And while people may have traditionally been safe from harassment when in the comfort of their own home, more people than ever find that they’re being harassed on the Internet as well. 

For people who’ve grown up with access to the Internet, it might be easier to spot when someone is harassing or trolling you online. But for people of an older generation, like those the ages of grandparents in assisted living facilities, it can be harder to know how to respond when harassment happens. So to help those in this situation, here are three things to do if you feel like you’re being harassed online. 

Make Your Account More Private

If the person that is harassing you online is someone that you don’t know, one of the first things that you can do is make it so that this person doesn’t have access to you anymore.

On social media platforms, this can be done by making your account more private. If the only people that you allow to interact with you are people that you know personally and want to interact with, then the person who’s harassing you likely won’t have access to you anymore. This can be accomplished by taking measures like putting your account settings on private or turning off the ability for people other than your friends or followers to comment on your content. 

Document And Report

In most cases, if the harassment that you’re experiencing is just an isolated event, you can usually make it stop by blocking that person or changing your settings. But if the person is constistently harassing you online, what you should now do is begin documenting and reporting their behavior

Because there’s only so much that you can do about another person’s behavior, if they are violating the community standards of the platform that you’re both using, reporting them with proof of what’s been happening can help the decision-makers of the platform put forth punishment for this person and their actions. 

Determine If You’re Able To Keep Yourself Safe

In the majority of cases, someone harassing or trolling you online doesn’t mean that they are wanting to actually bring harm to you. But if you fear that this is the case for you, you’ll need to do what you can to keep yourself safe. 

To do this, make sure you share this information with someone that you trust so that you have people in your corner to support and protect you. Additionally, if you’re fearful for your safety, contact your local authorities to see what actions can be taken to ensure your physical safety. 

If you’ve experienced harassment online, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you learn what you can do to address these issues and get yourself back to a mentally and physically safe space. 

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